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Best Dog Training Method

If you are a doggy parent, you will understand that proper training is one of the most crucial steps. When you correctly train a dog, you teach them mental and physical stability, and instill in them the values of obedience and compliance with the people around them. 

Even if you only train your dog for a few minutes each day, you can make a substantial difference in their lifestyle. If you have an ill-mannered pooch living under your roof, you will have a lot of raised eyebrows and resentful faces projected at you. This isn’t something you would like for either yourself or your four-legged friend, right? In that case, you will want to start browsing through the various dog training methods available. 

But which one should you choose?  Which one works the best?

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Different Dog Training Methods

The main goal of K9 training is to instill good behavior in your dogs, both physically and mentally. You can achieve this through two techniques— either by incorporating useful tools into the teaching method or by positive reinforcement. When you begin training your dog, you have to monitor their negative, as well as a positive, behavior. You have to ensure that their aggression is externalized in the right place.

And the best possible way to do that is through incorporating positive dog training forms into their daily routine. Before we tell you about the benefits of a positive form of dog training, let us have a quick view of some other popular methods of canine training: 

Scientific Training 

This is a broad form of dog training that is still evolving every day. Unlike common reward-based training methods, this method involves vets and trainers coming up with different skills and procedures as per the mental, physical, and cognitive behavior exhibited by the dogs. The science relies on the relationships that the dog shares with their owners, the pet’s psychological behavior towards new people, and the way they act in various environments.

Since every breed of dog has different behaviors that are commonly exhibited, this form of teaching is consistently changing and involves new techniques and methods that can suit a particular breed.

Electronic Training

This method of dog training takes its inspiration from dominance training. Through this form, when a dog doesn’t act a certain way, an electric collar is used to deliver shocks to them as a form of punishment. With this type of old-fashioned and cruel form of K9 training, you not only induce anxiety and other mental disorders in your dogs, but you also make them more hostile. 

Relying on punishment to make dogs act better has never really turned out to be beneficial, and this form of training is an example of just that. 

Mirror Training

As the name suggests, this method is based on the principle of observation. You generally have two trainers, one of whom acts as the dog is asked to, modeling the behavior they would want the dog to copy. When the dog successfully copies every command displayed by the model and accomplishes every task they are required to, they are rewarded in the end.

This makes them learn tasks quicker, builds up the human-animal relationship, and makes the dog interact better.  This has been a preferred choice of trainers in the past for many years. 

Dominance Training

While it’s not the best dog training method for most trainers, a few people actually decide to train their pup through some form of dominance training.  This style requires you to train your dog by instilling fear in them. 

Basically, owners use intimidation to make their dogs do as they want. This is a risky form of training that is most likely to make your doggy more aggressive by nature. This form of training is outdated, faulty, and extremely looked down upon.  Dominant forms of dog training revolve around the idea that you assert lots of pressure and forcefully compel your pooch to act as you want them to.

However, over time, people have suggested the use of gentler ways for canine training, which has always proven to yield better and faster results. 

Best Dog Training Method

Positive Dog Training

As opposed to dominant forms of training, if you teach and develop your dog through reward-based methods, you make your relationship with your pet stronger and more meaningful. Dog training is not just about teaching your furry friend how to behave in front of guests, and how to not growl at every person they come across. It’s also meant to strengthen the relationship between you and your canine companion.

Although the process is sometimes difficult and requires patience and persistence, the results make all the efforts worth it in the end. Choosing a positive dog training method over techniques that involve violence and punishment has proven to be more beneficial in the long run. Here are some additional advantages that it presents: 

  • Since positive training methods are relatively easy and uncomplicated, you can involve every member of your family with teaching your dog how to listen and behave.  Even the young kids can hop right in and have fun with the whole process. 

  • If you sign up for online dog training sessions, you have the luxury of training your dog from the comfort of your house. You will get access to the best modules, videos, trainers from across the globe, and various other services that you can benefit from - any day, any time. Even people who have very busy schedules can get on board with online dog training services.  And the positive reinforcement methods will leave both you and your “best friend” very joyful and satisfied.

  • You can learn how to become a better communicator with your dogs. When you choose the route of positive training, you are setting yourself up for a much deeper bond with your canine companion. Your relationship will grow and flourish beyond your wildest imagination. 

  • Your doggy will become more comfortable around you and also other people that they meet on a daily basis. They will learn to not show aggressive behavior when guests and kids come forward to pet them.  And most importantly, they will always be smiling, happy, and super friendly to anyone who comes their way. 

  • Positive K9 training involves a variety of fun techniques.  It usually seems less like a training session, and more like a playtime for the dogs.  Being a reward-based method of teaching, your dog should willingly participate in the activities, become keener, and look forward to every day of the training.  And not only will they enjoy it much more, but you will too.

  • If your breed is generally a more aggressive one, reward based training methods should always be preferred over other forms that promote teaching under stressful situations. Through positive reinforcement, you can encourage your pet to stay focused and attentive.  Dogs will always gravitate towards yummy treats, loving praise, and tender affection.  That’s just part of their inherent nature.

  • Positive reinforcement training involves short and simple tasks, and also helps your dog improve their socializing skills. No one likes to hang around dogs who don’t know how to behave well in front of people they’ve just recently met.  

  • By practicing how to train your dog with rewards, he or she will become obedient and be able to perform all the basic commands.  And with so many different tailor-made lessons to meet the needs of any behavior problem... 

Your furry friend is bound to become the “good dog” of your wildest dreams!


What Does Happy Dogs 101 Recommend?

Before you start with your preferred method of dog training, you must explore the best options that are available.  It is generally advised to stay away from using the forms of dog training that promote intimidation and punishment instead of positive rewards. 

Once you have chosen the best dog training method for your K9 buddy, you should create a journal of your dog’s behavior, and monitor their growth and progress along the way. 

If you don’t want to end up being your furry friend’s enemy, and if you don’t want them to be fearful of you, then positive reinforcement dog training is the better option.  So go ahead and get started by taking a look at our review of the top 5 courses that we have hand picked just for you...

Dog Training Courses

Dog Training Courses

Here is a short review of the TOP 5 Dog Training Courses that we have found to help you fix any doggy problem!



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