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Dog Habits

“Why has my dog developed these bad habits?”

“What can I do to fix them?”

These are some questions that pet owners ask themselves at one point or another when their canine friend starts showing signs of misbehavior. Your dog is usually there for you, rarely letting you down.  But it seems like lately that they've been breaking out into bad habits more often.

If you feel like it’s time to put a stop to these behavior issues before they get worse, then this article was written just for you!  So read on for lots of helpful tips and tricks...

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Bad Habits

Here are some bad dog habits that doggy parents most often complain about:


Puppies have an instinct to chew. Not only is it great for their teeth and gums, but chewing helps release pent-up energy. However, you must teach your dog what's allowed and what’s not.  The goal is to avoid the following consequences: destroyed furniture, allergies from eating things they shouldn't eat, or items being swallowed whole, which could lead to an expensive vet bill. 


It is easy to see why dogs are so obsessed with food. When they first get their eyes on a delectable piece of meat, they start wagging their tail and rush towards it as if they were trying to take down some big prey.  If you want your pup to behave around dinner time or any other time when people are eating, you have to train them to sit calmly. 


Most dogs get excited every time someone comes to visit. Some pet lovers enjoy this when dogs jump on them and lick their face, but sometimes it's not so great because certain people don't appreciate the gesture. So your canine companion needs to learn their manners.


Digging has been seen as an unwanted nuisance by people since early civilizations. Pups have the innate ability to dig, but sometimes it gets out of hand. But why does your pooch love digging holes in your backyard? It could be because he or she is looking for an escape from the heat or trying to find a warm spot on cold days.

Luckily, curbing this bad habit is easier than you may think. You probably just need to provide them with cool water and shade during those summer months and keep their house nice and cozy when winter starts coming around. 

Separation anxiety 

Dogs who feel abandoned when their owners are away often get anxious and destructive. They can get nervous because being alone is scary territory for them. It can cause an enormous sense of unease, leading to destructive behaviors like chewing up plants in the garden or tearing apart furniture. 


A dog's urge to chase or attack a small animal can be strong for some. If not trained well, this urge can be difficult for some dogs to resist and should always be avoided whenever possible.  It may also lead to dangerous situations such as running after cats or even being attacked by bigger animals like coyotes.

One way of avoiding these scenarios would be teaching your furry friend how to stay calm.  All that may be needed is a simple command to stay put until released.  Distraction can also be a very effective technique.  

Eating poop 

Some doggy owners will never understand or accept their dog’s poop-eating habits, but this nasty little quirk might not have anything against them. Some factors leading up to this strange habit may include preference, boredom, or malnutrition. With every discovery in science, humans come closer to understanding why dogs eat their excrement. 


Biting is considered a sign of aggression. Dogs often bite you or other people for a number of different reasons, so it's best to figure out the exact reasons and start specific training for them.

Dog Habits


"How Do I Overcome these Bad Behaviors in My Dog ?"

You may not realize it, but the moment your new canine family member walks through your front door -- this is a make-or-break opportunity!

Dogs will always live by one rule, and that’s following the pack leader in charge.

You should utilize this natural pack mentality to set them up with good dog habits from day one.  And make sure that K9 training becomes a normal part of their daily routine. Behavior training in dogs from day one can help in overcoming these problematic habits.

Dogs are always looking for ways to make us happy, usually by responding in different manners based on how we treat them. Sometimes these behaviors can eventually develop into bad habits because of the attention, comfort, and various reactions they get from it. 

The best way to stop bad behavior is with positive reinforcement, not punishment. Punishment might have short-term results but will lead you and your dog into frustration or fear over time. 


  • Dogs can sometimes develop poor habits, but these issues can be overcome with proper training and timely techniques.
  • As soon as you bring home your new puppy, you need to begin teaching them the basic rules of K9 obedience.
  • Happy Dogs 101 has worked extremely hard to bring you the best advice and tips on training your dog.
  • If you would like a simple and easy solution to any of your doggy behavior problems, then look no further than our expert training guides below.  



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