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Do you feel lost as a doggy parent? Do you feel like you aren’t doing enough for your four-legged kid, or maybe doing too much at times? It can get difficult to find a balance when you try to raise a pup all by yourself.  

Regardless of how beautiful the journey may be at times -- unless you find the right external help to facilitate your dog’s growth, you will have a tough time handling it all alone.

Online dog training programs play one of the most crucial roles in a dog’s life.  They can make you and your furry friend so much happier, even way more than you can imagine!

So if you’ve been living under a social rock, and are still unaware of the vast benefits that a good dog training program can bring to your dog’s life, then this is a must-read article for you.

It will take you through several different facets of dog training, show you the tips you need to pay attention to, and teach you how to bring a little extra happiness to you and your doggy’s lifestyle! 

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What is Online Dog Training?

I know for certain that when your dog barks at you or chews up your furniture, it makes you feel frustrated, embarrassed, and even helpless. You look for ways to fix the problems, but you just never seem to find the right solutions.  This is when dog training courses come to the rescue! 

Online dog training is designed to meet the needs of those who run short on time and need to fix their dog’s behavior quickly. You get access to the foundational skills that are required to correct your furry friend’s disobedience and misbehavior. You get to train your dog under the guidance of some of the most competent dog trainers you will ever come across.

And the best part… you get to yield all these benefits right from the comfort of your own house. 

There are multiple courses available online that you can browse through, and then choose the one that best suits your dog’s requirements. Each breed of dog comes with unique needs that must be properly catered to for successful results. The videos and modules vary depending on the issues that you are trying to train for.  These expert training sessions are usually very easy to follow and simple to teach to your canine companion. 

From long, in-depth programs to short video tutorials, you can choose anything that you feel would improve your dog’s behavior and bring some more joy to your life too. 

For most people, taking their dog to a large, time consuming class is just not an option.  And hiring a professional trainer to come to your house is way too expensive.  If this sounds similar to your situation, then you shouldn’t think twice before selecting an excellent online course to help train your furry friend. 

K9 Training Online Vs. Hiring a Professional

Not many people are aware of online K9 training. This is because they are accustomed to the old-fashioned way of hiring a professional trainer, just due to the fact that this has been the accepted way for so many years.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it usually works fairly well.  But although hiring professional help to train your dog also has many benefits, it comes with its fair share of downsides too. 

One of the most important reasons we would recommend you stay away from hiring a trainer is that they charge exorbitantly high prices. If you have a limited budget, hiring a professional trainer might not be the most feasible option that will suit you.

Another crucial factor to consider while training a dog is to make them interact with other fellow dogs.

The more comfortable they feel around other canine friends of theirs, the more developed their socialization skills will get. But the chances of this happening reduce when you confine your dog under the hands of a professional trainer.

A professional trainer limits your dog’s movement within your house or the dog center they hold their services at. Whereas, when you opt for online K9 training options, you have the benefit of coaching your dog at any place you wish to. It can be a nearby park, your house’s backyard, or by the poolside; the choice is yours. This also gives them the chance to meet other people along the way, kids in the park, and fellow dog buddies that live around your neighborhood.  

There is not a fixed recipe for success when it comes to training a dog. It all depends on what your dog comfortably adapts to, what suits it more, the environment they prefer to be taught in, and most importantly, the lessons that are delivered to them.

So make sure to research well, understand the difference between the various methods of training a dog, and then go for the best option available (we secretly think it's K9 training programs online)! 

Dog Training Courses

Why You Should Opt for Online Courses to Train Your Dog

If you are still wondering as to why we’ve been consistently rooting for online dog courses over other forms of training dogs, we have a few reasons that might help you to see our point of view on this matter:

  • First, when you are starting to teach your dog and trying to improve their mental and behavioral development, you should always go for positive reinforcement methods over dominant coaching methods. When you teach your dog through reward-based techniques, they are encouraged to perform better and quicker. The chances of this happening are greatly increased when you opt for online dog training courses. These modules, usually composed of videos, are designed to help you learn ways of positively teaching your dog. 

  • Just like humans, canines also go through phases of anxiety, stress, lack of concentration, and other psychological complications.  Therefore, you should be searching for fool-proof ways to tackle these issues and help your furry friend to overcome these difficulties.  Programs just like this can be found all over the internet.

  • The best ones give you access to a variety of videos, modules, and lessons on different techniques to try. Each session varies and can be accessed and watched at any time that’s convenient.  You can do it from the luxury of your house, at whatever time that fits into your schedule. So, if you are running late for a meeting in the morning and skip your session for that day, you can always come back to it later that evening when you have the time.  

  • When you hire professional help, you get in touch with a single trainer. However with online training, you can communicate with many wonderful and competent dog trainers from different parts of the world. Each trainer has their own experiences to share that can help you train your dog better.  If necessary, you can also schedule one-on-one zoom sessions with the trainers to get your questions clarified. 

  • The courses come with a mix of fun activities and games that you can play with your doggy. This keeps both you and them entertained, and your “best friend” will long to spend more time with you. You can train your doggy without the need for any special tools or equipment.  This type of training will help your K9 companion to stay calm and composed when they are stressed or hyperactive. 

Best Online Dog Training

We hope you are getting a little bit excited about training your dog with programs found online. If so, you are probably wondering by now what the best options are out there.  Fortunately for you, we have this dilemma sorted out for you as well.

We have created a short review of the top 5 courses that we have found.  They all come with excellent benefits, and each one is specifically designed to meet your dog’s unique needs.  So without further ado, here’s the top 5 (in no particular order), and where each one excels the most:


Great Choice IF…

  • You want specific training for your particular dog breed

  • You want private access to world-class trainers and veterinarians

As exciting as it is to bring a new furry friend into our lives, somewhere in the back of our heads, we are also worried about teaching them to behave properly. Even if we have limited resources to train them with, we desire to make them as obedient, loyal, and civil as possible. 

As a doggy parent, you want to give premium, quality training to your dog so that they grow up to be the best dog in the neighborhood. You want people to look at them with a happy face and shower them with lots of affection. You also want your dog to calmly and kindly give back the same love that they receive. 

To ensure this, you may have looked for programs that are designed under the guidance and expertise of elite vets.  But the biggest problem is that they are so incredibly expensive, they might end up burning a huge hole in your pocket. This is where “Train Pet Dog” stands out. 

They offer premium dog training services at attractive prices. All the sessions are monitored by some of the most qualified dog trainers with years of experience behind them. The same trainers who have trained dogs of billionaires, celebrities, and other famous personalities from the television world, will offer you the same professional advice and services at a huge discount. 

Their videos will also help you to keep your dogs well-groomed, and show you how to speak “canine language” so that you can communicate with them effectively.  They also have free nutrition calculators, which help you to monitor and track their diet, leading to a healthy and happy pup. To learn more about the program and the other extraordinary benefits, hit them up right away --- 



Brain Training for Dogs

Great Choice IF…

  • You want your training to be as fun as possible

  • You want an intelligent program that gets to the root cause of bad behavior

Our dogs are way more intelligent and much smarter than we perceive them to be.  Usually, we just don’t take the quality time to discover and nourish it. But here’s the thing -- when you choose to develop your dog’s mind and brain power, you make them mentally stronger and expand their reasoning skills. In return, this makes them more obedient, tame, and compliant to all the commands and instructions you throw at them.  In short, their behavior will improve their overall behavior.

Brain Training 4 Dogs will help you find and grow the hidden intelligence of your dogs. When you do this, it helps to eliminate all the uncivilized behavior that may exist in them. As a result, they become more competent, and are able to comprehend and understand even the most complex commands you ask them to perform. 

You will get very effective results in just a short amount of time. Through this program, you engage with your dog on a psychological level using mental stimulation activities. This is a great way to bond with your pup, build mutual trust, and strengthen your relationship. Your dog should learn how to express themselves more through this positive reinforcement training. It can help them to develop strong emotions that are constructive and beneficial for their well-being. 

The Brain Training 4 Dogs program might just be the perfect solution for you IF:

  • you feel like your bond with your dog is lacking depth
  • he or she is acting aggressively towards people or other pets
  • your dog doesn’t listen to you
  • it barks uncontrollably at everything that crosses its way
  • you’re tired of your dog chewing things it is not supposed to
  • or any other problem that makes your doggy lifestyle tougher than it should be

If any of these descriptions hits home, then you probably need the assistance of “Brain Training 4 Dogs” to help you out --- 



The Dog Gurus

Great Choice IF…

  • You have a new puppy in your house

  • You feel stressed about the daunting task of raising your new pup

If so, then you shouldn’t think twice before getting the absolute best help for your puppy -- the training experts at the Dog Gurus. 

Raising up a young puppy to become a well-behaved dog can be a very overwhelming job at times. Some days you’ll feel energized to train for hours and hours, while other days, you’ll lack the motivation to even get out of your bed, more less attempt to do some training.  But this will no longer be an issue if you decide on the fabulous program offered by The Dog Gurus.  They give you very detailed modules on a weekly basis, which walk you step-by-step through every single aspect of puppy training.

You can have a pup-tastic time with your cute little guy or gal.  All you need is the right help and assistance so that your puppy can redirect its mischievous little mind to the proper places, at the right times.  It requires patience, time, expert advice, and the correct training methods to raise a puppy successfully these days.  It will be extremely tough to attempt this long journey without the help of others who know what they’re doing.

Fortunately for you, the Dog Gurus are here to help you along the way so that you can end up having the dog of your dreams!  If you have a young puppy, then you have no choice but to check out this incredible puppy training course --- 



Success Dogs

Great Choice IF…

  • You have a dog that doesn’t listen to you

  • You want the easiest training that takes the least amount of time

Imagine this scenario for a minute -- you successfully train your dog into an obedient pet that listens to you, is loyal to you, behaves appropriately in front of other people, and is in control of its behavior -- this is the exact moment when you finally feel accomplished as a doggy owner.  Unfortunately, most puppy parents are struggling to feel this way!  And all that is really missing in their life is a good online program to help train their favorite canine companion.  

Success Dogs offers a variety of courses and programs for the owners who own unresponsive dogs.  In other words, your K9 friend believes in the theory of selective hearing.  Do you have a dog who only listens to your commands when it feels like it?  If your answer is yes, “Success Dogs” is tailor-made to solve your problem. 

Getting a dog to pay attention and act appropriately to the commands given to them can be a difficult task to achieve.  However, with the right training techniques and video tutorials, you can have excellent results in just a matter of a few days or weeks. If you follow the instructions of the programs offered by Success Dogs, you will see sudden positive changes in your dog’s behavior.  He or she will promptly respond when you ask them to do an action —  anything from sitting still to fetching a ball. 

Besides training your dog, it will also instill confidence in you as a trainer, enabling you to take on the role of doggy coach.  If that wasn’t enough, you will grow closer to your furry friend along the journey, and come out of it as a victorious and joyful family!  So what are you waiting for --- 



SpiritDog Training

Great Choice IF…

  • You want the most comprehensive training available

  • You want the most modern and advanced methods of training

  • You have a dog that acts aggressively

So you’re searching for the best online dog training, right?  Well look no further!  SpiritDog Training is the “best of the best.”  They offer fantastic courses at affordable prices.  SpiritDog Training uses the most modern, science based training of any program on the internet.  It’s highly effective for any type of dog, and you will see lightning fast results. 

They even have a program that is geared towards aggressive dogs, called Tackling Reactivity.  Hint hint -- you won’t find a better course that deals with canine aggression!

Their online classes contain a series of short videos, which progressively show you a skill from the early beginner stages to the more advanced levels.  This allows you to learn and master each skill until you have it perfected.  The main trainer, Steffi Trott, is a world-renowned professional trainer.  She has trained a countless number of dogs with an unsurpassed record of satisfaction!

Great training does not require you to log tons of hours with your dog -- you only need a few minutes per day using well proven methods that are explained in step-by-step instructions.  And that’s exactly where SpiritDog Training excels above the competition!  They even have a MasterClass, which includes all 17 of their courses in one big bundle.  Of course, you can always just select any of their individual courses too.  So if you’re the kind of person who wants only the best for your dog, then head on over and check out the various courses that they have to offer --- 



Why Happy Dogs 101 ?

Happy Dogs 101 has collaborated with these 5 wonderful partners who offer fantastic dog training courses.  All the programs listed on this page have been proven to be incredibly effective and beneficial for dog & puppy training. 

The only thing that is keeping you from bringing more joy & happiness to you and your dog’s life is the best online dog training.  These courses are designed to bring out your dog’s best behavior and obedience.  Each one is unique and has something new and exciting to offer.  You can rest assured that the courses you find here have only made it on our exclusive list after months of extensive research. 

Happy Dogs 101 is your one-stop for everything related to dog training.  If you haven’t already done so, you owe it to yourself and your “best friend” to explore these top 5 doggy programs.  

Here they are again:

TrainPetDog  ~  (breed specific)

Brain Training for Dogs  ~  (the most fun)

The Dog Gurus  ~  (for new puppies)

Success Dogs  ~  (easy and simple)

SpiritDog Training  ~  (the best of the best)

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