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How Much Does Dog Training Cost ?

Most of us refrain from training our dogs because of the money involved in hiring a competent dog trainer. But, dog trainers come with years of professional practice and knowledge that they put into training a dog. They work hours into mentoring the dog and shaping their behavioral patterns.

However, considering how a trainer can charge an exorbitant price for the daily services they offer, not all of us can afford to hire one.

What then comes to our rescue?

Well, online dog training, of course!

Online dog training programs are crafted to meet all of your dog training requirements. They cater to all the complexities that one might face when bringing up a dog from puppyhood. 

In this article, we have shortly summarized the benefits and disadvantages that come with both — hiring a professional trainer and opting for an online course.  

Before you stress yourself too much with questions like…

“How much does dog training cost?”

“Will it be helpful for my particular breed?”  

“How much time is involved?”

...We suggest that you read through the rest of the information below.

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Hiring a Dog Trainer: Pros and Cons

Sometimes, people prefer to hire a dog trainer when they feel like they have failed at disciplining their furry friends.  Other times, people struggle to instill in their dogs the basic manners required for them to behave well under different situations. 

When you feel disheartened, lost, and have given up training and coaching your dog, the best possible solution appears to be reaching out to hire professional help. This is what has been commonly done for the past several decades and is still preferred by many people. People prefer this method of training their dogs over other forms, usually because they are simply unaware of the alternatives that are now available at their disposal. 

However, if you still feel like going through this old-fashioned, costly form of dog training, here are a few pros and cons it provides that must be kept into consideration: 


  • Dog trainers have years of training and knowledge behind them. They have been coaching multiple breeds of dogs for a prolonged period. They can understand the language of the dogs and work in a fashion that best suits the dog’s needs. 

  • They help you strengthen your relationship with your dogs. They are nothing less than a bridge between you and your pooch. When you feel like your dog is distancing itself from you, or not expressing as much as you would like them to, you can communicate your concerns with the trainer, and they’d help you overcome your problems. 

  • If you are lucky, you get an in-house training session with the trainer. They have a flexible schedule that can be tweaked to fit into your personal life. You can either opt for group training sessions or for breed-specific sessions, especially designed to meet your pup’s individual needs. 


  • The biggest downside to hiring a professional trainer is that they are incredibly expensive. If you are on a shoestring budget and are looking for something more accessible in terms of money, this might not be the best option to go for. 

  • Building the skill of socialization is extremely important to shape the mental characteristics of a puppy. You need to make sure your pup understands how to behave around other dogs and people. This can only be made possible when they are exposed to more dogs and people around them on a daily basis.

  • When you hire a professional trainer, you limit your dog’s movement into a variety of spaces and environments.  They can practice their skills, but only confined to the house.  Real life training in the outside world is limited, and this severely hampers their socialization skills. 

Online Dog Training Programs: Pros and Cons

The best alternative to hiring a trainer is subscribing to a good online dog training program. 

Online dog training courses are a popular and effective substitute for training your canine companion. If you want your “best friend” to be living the happiest life possible, without any troubles and stress, you can safely place your bets on dog training lessons online. 

Let us have a quick look at some of the pros and cons that it has to offer. 


  • If you have a busy schedule but also wish to train your dog through your own skills, then training courses online are just the right thing for you. You can get access to multiple videos, modules, virtual sessions, consultations with the best trainers from around the world, and so much more through these programs. 

  • You have the convenient advantage of teaching and coaching your furry friend at whatever time that best suits you. You don’t have to worry about booking appointments with the trainer, staying in the house when the trainer comes to teach your dog, and other hassles that come with hiring a professional trainer. Online dog training is the absolute best replacement for that. 

  • You are taught how to properly perform K9 training through positive reinforcement and rewards. The results are always quicker, and you tend to get much closer to your furry companion.  Not to mention, dogs totally love to focus and pay attention to you when they are expecting a satisfying treat in the end. 


  • You need to have a lot of patience. 
  • You must keep a disciplined routine to stay on schedule.
  • You need to remain persistent and not give up.
  • You must control your feelings of frustration.
  • There’s a slight learning curve.

But just remember:  

The results that you get in the end will all be worth your time and efforts.  As you and your dog achieve success, the joy will become very abundant!

How Much Does Dog Training Cost

Dog Training Prices

In-person K9 training can get pretty steep in terms of prices if you are not careful about the choices you make. Some trainers charge differently, according to the various services they offer, the amount of attention your pup requires, the time and energy they invest into training your dog, and several other factors. 

Each trainer offers unique packages keeping all these vital factors in mind.  Dog training prices vary according to the quality of training you may purchase.  This can make the packages extremely pricey, especially since most owners want a quality trainer that actually knows what they’re doing.  And then the trainers always seem to say that they “need more time,” which obviously costs you even more money.  When it’s all said and done, you may end up paying way more than you had planned for. 

Online K9 training, on the other hand, is relatively much cheaper. Initially, you can begin with various free courses that are available.  For more advanced techniques and complete training resources, there are plenty of packages to choose from.  And most of them are super affordable for any budget.

If you are lucky, you can also get your hands on some amazing deals, offers, and discounts. Make sure to keep a watchful eye out for the best dog training prices online. 

Our Professional Opinion at Happy Dogs 101

We believe that the benefits offered by online dog training courses far outweigh those offered by professional trainers. All you really need is good access to the internet in order to begin with these readily accessible canine programs. They involve way less money, help you monitor your dog’s behavior better, and give you all the necessary skills that are required to become an expert doggy parent. 

So stop asking yourself, “how much does dog training cost,” and start coaching your dog with some of the best training on the internet.

Here at Happy Dogs 101, you get to browse through some fantastic dog training courses that take you through all the ins and outs of properly training your furry buddy through positive reinforcement. We have partnered with the internet’s top trainers, in order to bring you the best programs available for every type of dog behavior issue. 

We understand your doggy problems, and we are here to unleash more joy for you and your four-legged friend! 

So if you decide to try out dog training online, you will find that it’s simple and easy to comprehend.  As an added bonus, you will bond more with your dog and deepen your relationship together.  

A good online course will not only teach your dog how to be docile and obedient, but also educate you on how to express emotions in front of your pup, analyze their behavior, and address any unusual conduct they may display.  So go ahead and give it a shot.

If you are interested, then I have compiled a list of the top 5 dog training courses available on the internet.  These 5 options have been well researched and hand selected by me, to ensure that you and your K9 companion get the best results.  You can’t go wrong with any of these 5 programs, and I know that you will have a great experience doing them as well.  You can check them out on this post right here:

Dog Training Courses

Dog Training Courses

Here is a short review of the TOP 5 Dog Training Courses that we have found to help you fix any doggy problem!



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