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How to Potty Train a Puppy

Congratulations on finally bringing the long-awaited, furry, four-legged bundle of joy into your house and your life. Now that you are a proud parent to a puppy dog, you must realize that it comes with huge responsibilities. Just like you would have a duty to raise a newborn child properly, the same goes for young puppies. They require the same gentle love and care that only you can provide to raise them up through puppyhood. 

The real fun begins when you have to start potty training your new puppy. It is an incredibly crucial step in raising a pup. It helps them grow up into tame, domesticated, well-mannered dogs. This guide is written to give you a brief overview of puppy training, the various facets involved in properly training a dog, and the best place to find expert advice for your everyday dog problems! 

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Importance of Potty Training a Puppy

When puppies are not trained, they will empty their bladders at any place they want to. Unfortunately, this means they will freely urinate on your newly bought bedsheets, your impeccable sofa sets, the expensive carpet adorning your floor, or worse, while sitting on your lap.  As you already know, this is not a very pretty situation to find yourself in. 

This is where potty training your dog shows its true value, and why it becomes such an intrinsic part of your daily schedule.  If you want to have a happy, peaceful life with your canine companion, then you must train them where to pee correctly, along with other personal hygiene habits. 

In the beginning, you must be ready to run several times a day, taking your puppy outside or to its designated place of releasing itself. This will help you establish a routine for your pet that will be easy for it to follow. We understand that it will be difficult and tiresome initially, but trust us, you will start seeing quick results, which will come with numerous benefits in the near future. 

A dog’s potty habits can be highly peculiar. Therefore, you need to have watchful eyes on their behavior, monitor their movement and tendencies, give them the right food and nutrition, and only then will you be able to efficiently potty train them. 

How to Potty Train a Puppy

Best Potty Training Tips

In order to help you get started in the right direction - here are a few pointers, tips, and suggestions on how to potty train a puppy that you must have at the forefront of your mind at all times:

  • Positive reinforcement is the only successful and infallible way of training a dog.  When you assure your furry friend that you will reward them for every time they pay attention to you and follow your commands and instructions, you will find them properly listening to you and obeying most of the time. This means you will see quicker and more effective results that will last for years to come. 

  • A puppy can hold its urine for only a brief time, so make sure you have an adequate schedule for them right from the start.  Take your puppy outside to make them pee and poop at many different points during the day, such as: 

          - After they wake up

          - After a meal

          - After playing indoors

          - After chewing on a toy

          - After drinking water

          - Before sleeping

Here’s a good rule of thumb:  puppies can typically control their bladder for about 1 hour per month of age.  So if your puppy is 3 months old, they can usually hold it for about 3 hours.

  • Even after months of training, you might still find your pooch urinating in places they are not supposed to.  Just make sure to indicate their wrong behavior by asserting a “NO” command that signifies their wrongdoing. But refrain from entirely punishing your little doggy. They are bound to mistakes, and most of them will occasionally.  

  • Be sure to remain patient and caring all the way through.  And keep rewarding them with treats, praise, and affection whenever they do potty in the right places.  Time is on your side!

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Let’s just be honest for a minute. Nobody ever said that potty training a puppy would be easy.  In fact, part of the task is retraining your own brain to get into the habit. You also have to prepare yourself mentally to go down the road of struggle and failure.  But with the proper support guiding you through the process, you can be confident of having successful results in the end.

When you are sitting at home with a new K9 family member to train, you might find it challenging to get your hands on a good puppy training course.  But our goal is to take all the pressure off!  

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