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Hi, my name is Doggy Derek!

So why a free dog training newsletter? 

Because I want dog owners just like you to experience the joy & happiness that comes from having an obedient and well behaved dog.  


I understand the frustration, anger, and disappointment that you sometimes feel as a puppy parent.  It’s just like raising a real kid, and I know how it feels when things seem to get out of control.

But fortunately, there is hope! 

9 out of 10 dog problems are simply the result of a lack of training.  So don’t blame your dog and never feel guilty when things go wrong.  Most issues can usually be fixed with only a little bit of proper training.  

So here’s the deal:  I promise to provide expert knowledge and support, if you can commit to applying some of my easy dog training techniques.  I guarantee that you will find success if you just stay patient and persistent with your dog.

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I wish I could tell you that I was a natural born dog whisperer, or that I had all the answers to every dog training question.

But that’s just not the case.

Anybody who tells you that they were born with a complete comprehension of dog behavior is probably a canine and not an actual human.

To be honest with you…

My passion for dog training is all because of my two daughters.  I’ve always loved animals and pets in general.  But it wasn’t until my two daughters became absolutely obsessed with dogs that I took up the dog training business.

My oldest daughter, in particular, probably knows more about dogs than I ever will.  I constantly thank God for their inspiration and support.  They motivate me every day to be the best father and Doggy Derek that I can be.

As I dug deeper into this journey as a dog trainer, I began to realize how fun and satisfying that dog training could be.  I really enjoy helping dogs and their owners to become much happier through obedience and behavior courses.  

That’s why I searched every website, watched every video, and studied every dog trainer, until I found out what methods worked the best.  That’s also why I’m giving away this newsletter training guide for free.

I truly want you to experience the joy of success in dog training!

All of this insight that I have gained about dogs is what highly qualified people have chosen to share with me.  

And now I’m excited to share it with you.

If you'll let me - I would like to be your personal dog training coach with my newsletter tips and guides.

And just remember…

A Good Dog Is A Happy Dog!

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“Dogs Are Proof That God Loves Us & Wants Us To Be Happy”