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Puppy training is the most critical part of raising a pup.

It’s definitely true that when you bring a new puppy into your life, you open doors to lots of happiness, love, excitement, and affection. But, with all these positive benefits, you also have to gear yourself up for months of exhaustion, training, tears, scratches, and more. Maybe you’re wondering, “what is the best resource to help me along this wild journey?”  If so, then we have created a wonderful collection of puppy training guides for you.

Our training guides are tailor-made to suit all your doggy parent needs. They emphasize all the cool and helpful tips and tricks that you can include in your daily puppy schedule, ensuring you move up the ladder of training success. But before we show you where you can find all these awesome guides, let us have a glance at their importance and benefits.

Importance of Training Guides

Puppy training is the top priority when it comes to owning an obedient, well-mannered dog. By the way, who wouldn’t like to parent a pet that knows how to behave in front of other animals and people, socializes well in any setting, and knows how to react under stressful situations?

The only fool-proof way to have a dog like this in the future is to train it properly while it is still young.  Behavior training is a necessary foundation of having a “good dog.”  Unless they are taught properly, pups tend to chew on things that are not intended for their mouths, become aggressive at people, or worse, run away at first sight of an open door.

This is when a good dog obedience course comes in handy. Dogs who have undergone proper training, right from a very young age, have better eating habits, learn and practice how to control their emotions, and figure out what is right and wrong. 

Besides the benefits that come for your furry friend, it is only through a good K9 program that you will learn how to control your dog’s meltdowns and behavioral changes, and improve your connection with them. 

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Several Puppy Training Tips to Get you Started

The golden rule to training your new pup is to establish yourself as their owner, their boss, and their pack leader!

This makes them realize how important it is for them to follow your commands and directions. Here are a few other training tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Make sure they have balanced and healthy eating habits. They must only chew on food that is suitable for their consumption. Ensure to feed them a decent amount of nutritious food so that they stay away from nibbling on the wrong objects. 

  • Positive reinforcement is one of the major keys to coaching great puppy behavior. From potty training to teaching them the essential commands, you must only practice training through positive reinforcement.  This is a reward-based strategy where your dog gets a prize for following a direction that is put in front of them. 

  • To save your canine companion (and yourself) from developing an aggressive attitude, just remember these key principles:  make sure to teach them how to socialize and refrain from biting.  

The importance of socialization cannot be emphasized enough!

Puppy Training Guides


Next Steps for a Fantastic Journey

Now that you have a good idea about how to go through the process of puppy training, the next step is to follow some amazing puppy training guides.  Our guides will give you a step-by-step tour on the fantastic journey of raising your puppy correctly.

Following our training guides will give you the benefit of accessing vital training-related information, with the extra luxury of doing it from any place, at any given time.  Moreover, you will save lots of money, you’ll get the best advice and suggestions, and you should end up having yourself the best dog in the neighborhood. 

Why Happy Dogs 101 ?

Now that you know all about our guides and how helpful they can be for training your puppy, allow yourself some time to browse through the various ones on our website below.  Are you looking for the best one-stop shop for everything related to puppy training?  Happy Dogs 101 is your perfect solution. 

It's the ideal place online where you can get answers to all your puppy-related worries. Parenting a puppy is very fun, yet it can also be stressful at times.  But when you have access to the right resources, the proper guides, blogs, articles, and expert information, then the journey of raising your little friend will become much smoother and happier!

So, what are you waiting for?

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Obedience Training for Puppies

Obedience Training for Puppies

Any doggy parent can train their pup at home - you just need a few expert Puppy Training Tips.


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